Technological Process Simulator “Electrolytic Production”


Rusal Inc. is the Russian aluminum company, the world's largest producer of primary aluminum and one of the largest producers of alumina.


Accelerate training process, improve skills of electrolysis production specialists


Interactive simulator was developed to help train electrolysis production personal in the conditions as close to real life as possible. It was created for four plants according to their individual requirements and particular characteristics.


Rambler.News Rusal offers to learn metal-maker profession in 3D

Russian Regional News Computer game to train metal-maker profession released

Press Lane Rusal teaches interns with 3D-simulator


All training situations used in the simulator are based on real step-by-step operations of production


Operator has the ability to operate any equipment and working tools used in the production process


The simulator combines the production process training as well as use of the working equipment involved in the production technology


Electrolysis production simulator consists of software simulator of automatic control system where student can control and set any parameters and receive feedback


Emergency situations where a student should make the right decision and show his skills are included in the training process


Training results and evaluations statistics are transferred to the LMS and the administrator

Video presentation of Simulator of technological process

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